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'Social Fabric' Styles: Trinidad James Flashes His Gold

True to his viral hit, the "All Gold Everything" rapper plays no games when it comes to perfecting his look

In another installment of Social Fabric's digital series My Styles, we join "All Gold Everything" rapper Trinidad James for an up-close look at his unique style.

Showing off his get-up for the day, James proudly points out his eclectic assortment of jewelry. "This is a Trinidadian steelpan, which is one of our instruments," he says, holding out his necklace before flashing his gold bracelet. "This is called a slave band. We've been wearing this jewelry in Trinidad for years."

Pairing cut-up jeans and army boots with his CEO Millionaires shirt, James explains that he doesn't have one set style. "I just wake up, and however I feel, I just do it."

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