November 14, 2017


'Social Fabric' Styles: Trinidad James Flashes His Gold

In another installment of Social Fabric's digital series My Styles, we join "All Gold Everything" rapper Trinidad James for an up-close look at his unique style.

Showing off his get-up for the day, James proudly points out his eclectic assortment of jewelry. "This is a Trinidadian steelpan, which is one of our instruments," he says, holding out his necklace before flashing his gold bracelet. "This is called a slave band. We've been wearing this jewelry in Trinidad for years."

Pairing cut-up jeans and army boots with his CEO Millionaires shirt, James explains that he doesn't have one set style. "I just wake up, and however I feel, I just do it."

Below, watch fellow sneakerhead Yuki Suzuki discuss his love for ASICS and his favorite colorways: