December 1, 2017


Tove Lo Goes Track By Track Through Her 'Blue Lips' Album

Fresh off the release of her third studio album, Blue Lips, Swedish dance-pop queen Tove Lo gave Fuse a firsthand, track-by-track rundown of the provocative project. Also known as "phase two" of her two-piece Lady Wood concept, Blue Lips features 14 songs chronicling the extreme highs and lows of a relationship—a journey that begins with "Light Beams."

Reminding listeners of the good times of holding onto someone, "Light Beams" kicks off the album with seriously carefree vibes. The euphoric feelings carry through to "Disco Tits," the project's standout single self-described as one of the "happiest" songs Lo's ever written.

"There's always that little feeling of darkness in most of my songs, whereas this one might be about destructive behavior, but it has no destructive outcome in the song," she says.

While the first half of Blue Lips reflects an untroubled, cheeky side of Lo, the project's second half moves into darker territory. Explaining that "Pitch Black" embodies the one last "final chase for that rush," she then depicts the haunting reality of a doomed relationship on "Romantics" and the pain of mutual destruction on "9th of October."

"Passion always ends in pain," Lo tells Fuse. "I feel like ["9th of October"] is probably the most vulnerable [track] where I do admit to also making mistakes and not only blaming the other person."

Watch the singer reveal her favorite lyrics off Blue Lips and which popular girl group she shouted out on the table-turning "Bitches." Below, rewind back to Lollapalooza 2017 where Lo talked Lady Wood and revealed details on her visual project, Fire Fade: