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'Trivial Takedown' Pre-Game: Can Flula Borg & Gina Brillon Guess Celebs With More Followers Than Justin Bieber?

Flula and Gina put their pop culture knowledge to the test as they think of Instagram's most-followed accounts

DJ Flula Borg and stand up comedian Gina Brillon loosen up and get acquainted with each other before the main Trivial Takedown event in this Pre-Game digital series. 

Gina brings her "A" game and Flula brings his charm when introducing themselves. "That wasn't even a good intro," Gina tells Flula. "I'm gonna so beat you." Watch to see which contestant can list at least three celebrities with more Instagram followers than Justin Bieber

Catch new episodes of Trivial Takedown Tuesdays at 11PM. Find Fuse in your area with our channel finderNext, watch a sneak peek of Flula and Gina face-off in a pop culture "QZA" round. 

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