November 6, 2017


'Trivial Takedown' Pre-Game: GloZell & Chico Bean Guess Artists With More Number One Hits Than Janet Jackson

Before the season premiere of Trivial Takedown, we asked our contestants to get acquainted with each other and go for a round of pre-showdown. In this first edition of our Trivial Takedown Pre-Game digital series, see Chico Bean and GloZell get warmed up and earn early bragging rights. 

Above watch the two comedians line up to go head-to-head and name which artists had more number one songs than Janet Jackson. The first person to get the three answers correct wins. "What is wrong with America?," GloZell says after shouting Justin Bieber as an answer.  

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Below, watch a sneak peek of musician/actor Romeo Miller and rapper-singer Lizzo face-off in an awkward yet unforgettable round of "Pop stars or Porn stars?"