November 10, 2017


'Trivial Takedown' Sneak Peek: Can Mamrie Hart and Justine Marino Identify This Intense Viral Video?

Everyone remembers hilarious viral videos of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, right? YouTube star Mamrie Hart and comedian Justin Marino go for a quick round of "Instantly Infamous" in the next episode of Trivial Takedown where they have to identify clips and/or visuals from viral videos.

Watch above to find out which opponent will gain points for naming the video of an overzealous man saying "Oh, God. It's so bright. Oh, my God. It's so bright and vivid" and why. Here's a hint: It involves a rainbow. 

Watch the first two episodes of Trivial Takedown here & watch on demand before the next season! Find Fuse in your area with our channel finder.

Below, check out comedians GloZell and Chico Bean engage in a little trash talk and guess artists with more number one hits than Janet Jackson: