November 24, 2017


'Trivial Takedown' Sneak Peek: DJ Flula Borg and Gina Brillon Play a Round of The QZA

In this sneak peek clip of Trivial Takedown DJ Flula Borg and comedian Gina Brillon put on the war paint when they face-off in a battle royale of "The QZA." 

Despite it being a competition, Flula and Gina are all smiles and cheer each other on. "That's a falsity," Flula replies when asked if the singer Lorde is actually 42 years old. Watch above as both contestants tackle questions from which rappers spell their name with a dollar sign to more true or false pop trivia questions.

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Below, watch the dancing duo Ayo & Teo compete in an one-on-one pre-showdown battle by testing their Nintendo knowledge.