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Detroit's Artistic Spirit Shines in 'Music on the Road'

Despite decades of economic hardship, The Motor City's citizens continue to persevere

Abandoned by both the motor industry and over half of its own inhabitants, the city of Detroit has been struggling to keep itself standing for decades. In Music on the Road, Fuse's latest We The Dreamers documentary, we explore the relentless creative energy of Motown's very own, who continue to inspire their community in the face of hardship and struggle.

Premiering Saturday, December 9, Music on the Road is a guided road trip across the USA exploring the lives and music of young artists from different walks of life. Spotlighting beatboxing, feminist hip-hop, psychedelic rock and more, this is one conversation you won't want to miss.

Below, check out the Nashville episode of Music on the Road, featuring the city's distinct "outlaw musician" fringe:

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