December 11, 2017


'Trivial Takedown' Pre-Game: Can Kid Ink & Brittany Furlan List Rappers Who Survived Being Shot?

This week on Trivial TakedownKid Ink and Brittany Furlan partake in the fastest music and pop culture quiz show on the planet. But prior to the main event, the two contestants engage in a quick pre-show battle.

The disembodied host asks the rapper and former Vine star to name hip-hop artists who have been shot and survived. "See I probably know a lot that just you guys don't know," Kid Ink replies. Watch above to see who can list at least three artists.

Watch Trivial Takedown on demand on Hulu, before the next season! Below, watch singer Seyvn Streeter and comedian Carly Aquilino flex their Saved by the Bell knowledge and list a few characters from the classic high school-themed show.