December 15, 2017


'Trivial Takedown' Sneak Peek: Frankie Grande & Mamrie Hart Buzz for a Celebrity Match

In this sneak peek clip of Trivial Takedown, Mamrie Hart and Frankie Grande are challenged with a round of "Fake IDs." The two YouTubers are told to buzz only for a match, but the round gets tricky when a celebrity's face and name appears on the screen for a fraction of a second. 

"If you combine Iggy Pop and Iggy Azalea, you get Avril Lavigne," the invisible host jokes after flashing an image of the "Godfather of Punk." Watch above to see who will crush this round and don't miss the full episode Tuesday at 11PM. 

Missed an episode? Watch Trivial Takedown on demand on Hulu before the next season!

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