January 26, 2018


MILCK Hopes 'This Is Not the End' EP Gives Listeners a 'Sonic Space to Heal'

For Los Angeles native MILCK, shaking up last year's inaugural Women's March was just the beginning. The Chinese-American singer-songwriter, born Connie Lim, follows her breakout single "Quiet" with This Is Not the End, a seven-track EP that she hopes provides solace and strength to those needing a "sonic space to heal."

"I put everything into this EP. I let go of all that I could of my ego," Lim tells Fuse. "I live fearlessly as a musician by staying very true to what my instincts are. With my songwriting, I try to be that fearless and that instinctual with every lyric I write. Every melody I create—it's all super intentional."

That same boldness has rung true for the Women's March, the very setting that gained Lim worldwide attention. With this year's protests delivering huge turnouts, the sweeping impact of today's fearless women is not lost on the singer.

"I think this change has been bubbling up for years and years and years now," she says. "I was hoping that this movement would come sometime in my lifetime...There's a lot of opportunity for women to set a new example."

Below, watch MILCK, Young M.A and everyday women speak out on solidarity and empowerment: