January 30, 2018


Tinashe Reveals First Big Purchase, Britney Spears Was Her First Album

Following her debut album AquariusTinashe is gearing up to release her sophomore album Joyride. Calling for "No Drama" on her latest single, the bubbly singer revealed a few of her firsts in Fuse's latest digital series First of All. Labeling herself a "responsible spender," the pop/R&B star reveals her first big purchase, first album purchase and more.

"The first big purchase was definitely studio equipment. Took out ten thousand in cash, which was the most cash I’ve ever seen in my life. I was holding it like this,” she demonstrates. "Like a brick and I went to guitar center, and bought some speakers, some cords, some preamps and I built a studio in my bedroom."

The likelihood of collaborating with an idolized artist and someone whose album was your very first is uncommon. But for Tinashe, the first album she purchased was indeed Britney Spears' …Baby One More Time. Who knew years later she would be throwing pillows in a music video with the Princess of Pop?

"It was an enhanced cd. Which I don’t know if y’all know about that, but you can put it in the computer and it would play music videos and it had BTS," she describes excitingly. "And it had like photos of her and I thought that was just like the coolest thing."

Watch the full video above, and throw it back to this 2011 interview where Tinashe talks collaborating with Calvin HarrisKid Ink and Usher, and asks for more female collaborations.