January 23, 2018


'Trivial Takedown' Pre-Game: Can Kingsley & Carly Aquilino Name 2016's Hot 100 No. 1 Artists?

Before YouTube personality Kingsley and comedian Carly Aquilino put their pop culture knowledge to the test on Trivial Takedown, they are given a chance to earn early bragging rights. In the latest edition of Trivial Takedown Pre-Game, the two trivia gladiators have to name artists that had Billboard Hot 100 number ones in 2016.

This is Carly's time to prove to Kingsley that blondes do have more fun and aren't stupid AF. Who will be crowned the king or queen of number one knowledge? Watch the video above to find out. 

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Below, watch a sneak peek of Kingsley and Carly Aquilino answer a series of questions ranging from how are the members of Migos related to which male actor finally won an Oscar in 2016.