January 10, 2018


'Trivial Takedown' Sneak Peek: Watch Omarion & DJ Flula Borg Hilariously Play Celebrity Face Off

R&B legend Omarion and YouTube sensation Flula Borg are going for a round of celebrity face off in this sneak peek clip of Trivial Takedown. The host gives the two contestants a photo of a celebrity's face covered with weird objects such as toy dinosaurs, hearts and hair rollers? 

Once the seconds start to tick the host will reveal the face by slowly peeling off the objects. Watch the video above to see who can buzz in the fastest and identify the face on the screen. The earlier they buzz and say the correct celebrity, the more points they will win! 

Next, get a taste of what's to come on new episodes of the heart-racing, outrageous and fastest music and pop culture quiz on the planet: