January 31, 2018


'Trivial Takedown' Sneak Peek: Ricky Dillon Takes on Lizzo in 'Finish Me Off' Round

In this sneak peek clip of Trivial Takedown, singer Lizzo and YouTube star Ricky Dillon go for a round of "Finish Me Off." The host plays a music video for a few seconds and both contestants are tasked with grabbing a picture that represents the next lyric, hit the buzzer in time and tell the host the next part of the song. 

Watch these two over-the-top stars, get a little cardio action in while running back & forth, attempting to finish lyrics to songs.

Binge Trivial Takedown on Hulu and check out more hilarious clips here. Below, watch Omarion and Flula Borg name the world's highest-paid athletes of 2017: