February 26, 2018


Bea Miller Says Cardi B's 'Bartier Cardi' Is Mood-Lifting, Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Changed Her Life

Fresh off the release of her sophomore album Aurora, Bea Miller sat down with Fuse to unveil a few things fans might not know in our new digital series My Best Self. The rising pop star answers a range of questions from "best song when you wake up in a bad mood?" to "album you can’t live without?" 

One album Miller can't function without? Frank Ocean's latest release Blonde. "That album changed my life and I will never get tired of it," she says. "I've listened to every song on that album probably a thousand times at this point and they're still just as good to me the first time I heard them." 

Whenever the singer-songwriter wakes up in a mediocre mood, she blasts Cardi B's latest hit "Bartier Cardi" and raps along as best as she can. “I put myself up that way. She really gets me going."

Watch the singer demonstrate her best moves and give a cute shoutout to her best friend in the full interview above. Below, throw it back to a younger Bea Miller explaining her appreciation for Miley Cyrus and why she's a big huge 5 Seconds Of Summer fan.