March 5, 2018


Madilyn Bailey Talks 'Tetris' Single, Fave Memes, 'Get Out' & Living Her Best Life

Madilyn Bailey is back with an upbeat, catchy track "Tetris." The newly released song follows her 2016 Wiser EP and showcases the 25-year-old's songwriting abilities to romanticize and paint a picture with her lyrics. 

Hanging out with Fuse, Bailey takes part in our My Best Self series and reveals nine facts we never knew about the songstress. From best music to write to, best concert she ever attended to best place she wrote her latest song—Bailey energetically tells Fuse the writing process for the single actually occurred in two different places:     

"So one happened in my home studio which is where a lot of the brainstorm happened for it. And then the day of the session, was actually just in an apartment in Hollywood with these really two cool producers called X Lovers and my writing partner named Mick. And it was just a perfect combination of people. It was a nice sunny day and we literally spent 7 hours that day writing it."

As we wait for more singles from the Wisconsin native, watch her reveal more of her best and a few worst traits, and talk about which artists sets the mood for her writing sessions. Next, check out fellow YouTube sensation Todrick Hall blurt out fun personal facts and spill the tea on a few of his firsts in life, including an unexpected first kiss, in our First Of All series: