March 1, 2018


#TBT 2012: Andrew W.K. Shows His Love for 'My Little Pony'

After wrapping up his first tour in five years, resident party animal Andrew W.K. is back with a brand new album. You're Not Alone, out tomorrow, follows his 2009 cover album Gundam Rock and his fourth studio album 55 Cadillac. In honor of the 38-year-old's long awaited comeback, this week's #TBT features Fuse's 2012 sit-down with the "Party Hard" singer.

"To tell if it's time to party is very simple. You just take your pulse," W.K. explains. "If you're not dead, then you might as well celebrate that fact—the fact that you're alive! That, to me, is the beginning and end of the party lifestyle."

On his appreciation for My Little Pony and its adult aficionados, W.K. didn't hold back.

"I support this creature. I support the animation. And I support the passion that revolves around all of it...I really appreciate the forward and progressive element to the brony and pony phenomenon," he says. "Who wouldn't like someone who had a pony?!"

For another throwback moment, watch Andrew W.K. promote Playtex Fresh + Sexy intimate wipes on the streets of NYC back in 2013: