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#TBT 2013: Tyga Talks 'Hotel California' Concept, Shakes Off Negativity

The Los Angeles native gets candid about why he doesn't stress criticism of his explicit lyrical content

This week's installment of #TBT spotlights the one and only Tyga, who spoke to Fuse in 2013 about the concept behind his third studio album, Hotel California, censoring his explicit lyrics, and growing up in hip-hop.

"I really wanted [Hotel California] to bang," the LA native says. "A lot of my success has been off records for mixtapes and stuff like that, so I figured why not make my album more of a mixtape with an underground feel—but still catchy."

On whether he's ever caught up in the public's perception of his explicit content, T-Raww shook it off, explaining that he only cares about what his real fans think. "I never really wanted to compromise making my music for radio...You're making music for the people that's buying it," he tells Fuse.

Below, check out frequent Tyga collaborator Chris Brown greeting Fuse studio fangirls as a fresh-faced 16-year-old:

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