March 16, 2018


NOTD & Bea Miller's Moody 'I Wanna Know' Collaboration Is All About Summer Blues: Premiere

The summer season is drawing nearer, which means it's time to figure out if the guy or girl you've been hooking up with during cuffing season is worth having for a long-term relationship. But that decision isn't always easy and can lead to heartbreak, an emotion that drives NOTD's new collaboration with Bea Miller.

"I Wanna Know," which we're exclusively premiering on Fuse, is a mix of melancholy and euphoria, thanks to NOTD's infectious synth-based melodies. The Swedish production duo (who are only 17 and 19 years old) prove age is just a small factor that doesn't define their talent. Their sound lifts influence from various genres—pop, electronic, dance, house—and gives a unique spin on that classic summer vibe we all love. As for Miller? She adds a feminine and relatable touch to "I Wanna Know," as she asks her ex-lover if his new girlfriend is all he ever hoped over. She's trying to shake him off her mind, but it's harder than expected.

"Does she move your body like I moved your body? Cuz I wanna know, yeah I wanna know / Does she make you feel wanted? Is she all you wanted?" she sings on the bright chorus. "I Wanna Know" follows NOTD's breakthrough 2017 song "Summer of Love." Miller is currently promoting her sophomore album Aurora, which dropped on Feb. 23.

Below, watch Bea Miller discuss how she planned to unveil a full spectrum of colors on her new album: