March 15, 2018


Watch Rich Homie Quan & His Dad Take a Lie Detector Test

With nearly six years in the game, numerous mixtapes, successful tracks from "Type of Way" to "Flex" and the dance taking over the internet, Rich Homie Quan is set to release his Rich as in Spirit debut albumIt's been a long time coming for the Atlanta-raised rapper, but the full-length LP, releasing March 16, will give fans what they've been anticipating.

Working with his father/manager Corey Lamar on a daily basis, Rich Homie Quan tells Fuse he's "nervous" to take a lie detector test, but confident him and his father know everything about each other. We decided to put both to the test, hooking them up to a lie detector machine with our go-to professional polygraph examiner. "It's the truth. We keep it real with each other. It should be dope," Rich Homie Quan adds.

After adding two components to Rich Homie Quan's body to measure his breathing, the polygraph examiner reveals which questions—ask by his father—the 28-year-old will answer truthfully. Watch the dynamic duo take turns in the hot seat with their hearts racing, answering questions such as "Would you ever collaborate with Taylor Swift?" and "Have you ever cheated on someone?"

This polygraph demonstration is for entertainment purposes only. Performed by Lisa Ribacoff, Advanced Certified Polygraph Examiner.

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Throw it back to the time Rich Homie Quan appeared on Fuse's Got Ur # and explained goals for his debut album and how it will be different from his mixtapes: