March 8, 2018


#TBT 2012: Bow Wow Wants His Music to 'Last Forever,' Calls T-Pain a 'Genius'

Another week, another wave of nostalgia courtesy of #TBT. In honor of the multitalented Bow Wow turning 31 years young tomorrow, we're throwing it back to 2012 when the rapper/actor discussed his music philosophy and recording Underrated, his long-awaited album that's still without a release date.

"I don't call them records. I call it music, man...I don't go in the studio like, 'I gotta make a club song, I gotta make a song for the women.' I make music. I want my stuff to last forever," Bow Wow tells Esteban Serrano. "It's the first time I've really had a hands-on, 100 percent control over my album, so maybe that's why [recording Underrated] is taking so long. Because this is my baby."

Having linked up with heavy hitters like Chris BrownTalib Kweli and T-Pain, Bow Wow was clearly hyped about dropping the star-studded project. When asked about "Better," his collaboration with T-Pain, he proclaimed the hitmaker "a genius."

"I think people don't really give Pain a lot of credit...He's one of the best," Bow Wow says. "As soon as he played 'Better,' it was like—from the top—I was like, 'Oh my god. What is this?!'"

Below, keep the throwback vibes going with Tyga, who got candid back in 2013 about why he doesn't stress criticism of his explicit lyrics: