March 22, 2018


#TBT 2012: Jack White Details 'Alter Egos' Concept Behind 'I'm Shakin'' Video

Named one of Fuse's most anticipated rock albums of 2018Jack White's Boarding House Reach is finally out tomorrow. The singer-songwriter and frontman of The White Stripes returns with his long-awaited third solo album, four years after the release of Lazaretto.

In honor of this momentous occasion, this week's #TBT takes fans back to 2012 when White sat down with Fuse to discuss his "I'm Shakin" video off his debut album, Blunderbuss.

"People really related to that song straight from the get-go when we put the record out," he explains. "[The video] is sort of like a 'me vs. myself' in some sort of ways. Alter egos of the two bands...sort of facing off in some way. Showing two sides of the same story."

The Detroit native also spoke on the lack of control he has over criticism of his material—something he's perfectly fine with.

"Once you put something out on a record or play it onstage, you're giving it up and giving it away. You don't really get to be in control and tell people what to think of it or how to relate to it," White says. "If a way for them to relate to it is to think up some story of how it relates to me personally, it doesn't matter to me."

Below, take a tour of White's Third Man Records store, featuring monkey bands, automatons, crazy vinyl and more: