March 15, 2018


#TBT 2014: Jhené Aiko Talks 'Souled Out' Meaning & Her Dream Collaborations

It's none other than R&B queen Jhené Aiko's 30th birthday tomorrow, so we're honoring the songstress with a bit of #TBT love. In a throwback to Coachella 2014, Aiko sits down with Fuse to discuss her debut album Souled Out, why rappers love working with her, and her dream collaborations.

"Rappers relate to me because I'm a lyricist," the LA native explains. "I really take my time with the words and the lyrics, and so I feel like rappers appreciate and respect that."

But Aiko assures us that she plans to work with plenty of artists who aren't rappers. Shouting out John Mayer and Erykah Badu as dream features, she went on to discuss the concept behind her long-awaited Souled Out album.

"Souled Out basically means to have so much soul that you're just sailing...You're free to be yourself," she says. "It just means the total opposite of being a sellout. It's being so much of yourself that you are confident in expressing yourself and being honest about who you are."

Below, check out Aiko's 2013 interview about the process behind her Sail Out EP:

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