April 4, 2018


Rising Star Elley Duhé Talks Zen Disruptions & Connecting With Fans Through Music

Emerging on the scene with her explosive debut solo single "Immortal," Elley Duhé is gearing up to release her debut EP. With the recent release of "Fly (Stripped)" and "Can You Touch," the RCA signee is embracing her vocals over indie, electronic and hip-hop sounds, showcasing a wide range of creativity. 

In our latest installment of My Best Self, the 26-year-old shares what throws her off her zen and how she connects to people. "The human connection, being on stage and having a moment with the audience is the most intimate thing that I’ve ever experienced," the Alabama-native says. "And so that is part of what my journey is, being to have that connection and bring people together from all walks of life."

Watch the full video above, and check out Elley Duhé's fellow labelmate Tinashe give us all the nostalgic feels from The Pussycat Dolls "Buttons" to Myspace and Britney Spears' debut album in a First of All interview below: