April 16, 2018


Watch Hayley Kiyoko 'Rant and Rave' About Coachella, 'The Bachelor,' Equal Pay & More

The singer-songwriter-actress made a ton of buzz with her recent debut release Expectations and her rise to pop stardom continues to climb. After hitting no. 12 on the Billboard Top 20, Hayley Kiyoko took to the road, kicking off the accompanying tour last week and made her debut at Coachella this past weekend. Yet all of these big moves aren't the only reason the 27-year-old is this month's Fuse First

Kiyoko, an unapologetic artist who doesn't hesitate to speak her mind and makes compelling music that resonates with her fans stopped by Fuse to give her best 'Rant and Rave.' Hilariously going off and dropping the F-bomb, the singer-songwriter let's us in what makes her rant and rave.

Hoping for a progressive day where America will have an all-women cast on tv series The Bachelor, Kiyoko has dreams of being a bachelorette on the show with twenty-six women to choose from. Watch the Aries queen share her thoughts on equal pay, Coachella, online dating and more. 

Below, watch the self-proclaimed "queen of mood boards" get even more creative, transfing her viral hit "Feelings" onto paper using scissors, tape and some serious self-portrait skills.