April 19, 2018


Watch In Real Life Take a Lie Detector Test: Are They Jealous of Each Other?

Since being named the winners of last summer's ABC reality series Boy Band, In Real Life have racked up hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of YouTube views, and a dedicated fan base who's watched them grow from day one. Clearly unafraid of a challenge, members Drew Ramos and Chance Perez hooked themselves up to Fuse's Lie Detector to answer daunting questions about dating, fame and each other.

Bandmate Michael Conor immediately began stirring the pot, asking Ramos if he foresees youngest member Brady Tutton becoming the group's Justin Timberlake.

"I think, actually, all of us will be very successful. So yes," the Bronx native confidently answers.

After Ramos' nerve-wracking session, it was time to quiz Perez, who was asked if he's ever ditched his friends for a girlfriend and if he's ever been attracted to a bandmate's girlfriend—savage!

"Even when [the examiner] asked me my birthday, I got scared," Perez jokes.

Polygraph test performed by Lisa Ribacoff, Advanced Certified Polygraph Examiner, InDepth Polygraphs.

Below, throw it back to 2014 when Boy Band panel member Nick Carter and fellow pop heartthrob Jordan Knight spoke to Fuse about forming Nick & Knight: