Weekly News Rap - April 6: Drake's Adidas Deal, YouTube HQ Terror & Nicki vs. Missy

Fuse's latest episode of Weekly News Rap features Brooklyn talent Cryssy Bandz, here to sum up all that went down in the world this week. As the series' first female emcee, Cryssy fittingly shouts out the likes of Cardi B (who dropped her debut studio album today), Nicki Minaj and Missy Elliott.

On the latest serving of Nicki vs. Missy beef, Cryssy deems both rappers "legends" regardless of numbers.

"Like someone saying Nicki sold 100 million records / Somebody else said show receipts , Missy’s the highest selling," she raps. "But I don’t care, I sip my tea, and I just let you tell it / Cuz if you ask me my opinion, man, they both are legends."