May 11, 2018


Watch Hayley Kiyoko Help a Fan Ask Her Girlfriend to Prom

Not too long ago, Fuse and singer-actress Hayley Kiyoko teamed up for an exclusive call to action in search of anyone who might need help with securing a prom date. After numerous submissions, we trekked off to Fairfield, Connecticut, to help lucky winner Kassie ask her girlfriend, Nia, to prom—via a personal "promposal" from Kiyoko.

"Right now, Nia thinks that we're being interviewed for my school's Gender & Sexuality Alliance, and she thinks that the local news is asking us questions about the school club," Kassie explains. "Nia, sorry it took so long for me to ask you to prom, but I was getting this all together."

After detailing her experience with coming out and the importance of staying true to yourself, Nia was finally presented with Kiyoko's video message. Reading Kassie's heartfelt submission, the "Curious" singer then officially asks, "Nia, you've meant so much to us. Will you go to prom with Kassie? Pleeease?"

Needless to say, Nia did not see this coming. Keep watching above to find out if she accepts Kassie's prom invitation!

Below, watch Hayley rant and rave about everything from The Bachelor, equal pay, vape smoking, and more: