May 7, 2018


Kyle Calls Kehlani One of His Favorite People in Music, Reveals 'Fortnite' Strategy

After two mixtapes, millions of Spotify streams and a Top 10 single, rising act Kyle is finally set to unleash his debut studio album, Light of Mine, on May 18. The 24-year-old rapper recently sat down with Fuse to either "rant" or "rave" about a variety of hot topics, from Fortnite and LeBron James to Avengers: Infinity War and his thoughts on frequent collaborator Kehlani.

On the heels of their just-released, '90s-themed music video for "Playinwitme," Kyle raved about his collab partner Kehlani. "That's my sis," he shared. "Incredible songwriter, incredible singer, incredible dancer, incredible performer. But on top of all that, an incredible person."

Kyle also had praises for the wildly popular video game Fortnite, but openly acknowledged his go-to method of hiding from field action rather than earning kills. "I don't build, I don't kill, I just go in a very small regular-ass looking house and just literally squat in there the whole time," he shamelessly explains. "I'm in there motivating myself, talking to myself, like, 'Come on, you got this.'"

As for something he full-on ranted about, Kyle is clearly not about that Thanos life. "Fuck Thanos, okay?" he says of the Avengers: Infinity War character. "Straight up. Thanos—fuck you, dog. I don't like you at all. Thanos is trash."

Below, watch Kyle discuss defying expectations as a black artist and the individuals who inspire him: