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Shoreline Mafia Goes Off on Peanut Butter, Cartoons & Cilantro

Watch the LA-based rap quartet sing "Empire State of Mind" and share their honest opinions on strip clubs, peanut butter, cartoons and more in the latest installment of our 'Rant and Rave' series

Atlantic Records' latest signees, Shoreline Mafia achieved a viral hit last year with "Musty" and created buzz when they released the accompanying black-and-white visual of the quartet bumping to the breakout single. 

With hot tracks like "Bottle Service," "Nun Major" and "Spaceships" featured on their ShorelineDoThatShit EP, Fuse wanted to tap into the minds of members Fenix, Ohgeesy, Master Kato and Rob Vicious to find out what sparks their interests. 

Chanting "Free Max B" in unison, the group collectively praised New York by singing the hook to "Empire State of Mind" and shouting out Brooklyn and Harlem. When asked about cartoons, Rob Vicious replies, "Fuck cartoons. The TV is poison."

"I never watched TV," Fenix adds. 

Watch Shoreline Mafia reveal their true feelings about cilantro, strip clubs, plastic surgery and peanut butter. Below, listen to Royce da 5'9" sound off on mumble rap, Cap'n Crunch, the NBA playoffs, and if he considers himself to be a good freestyler:

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