June 26, 2018


Foster the People Praises Kanye West & T-Pain's Autotune Crooning

Fuse caught up with Foster the People backstage at Firefly Music Festival 2018, before the band rocked their set and drew a large crowd. Sitting down for a quick festival edition of Rant and Rave, the indie band openly shared their thoughts on autotune, hip-hop, and Reebok pumps.  

Best known for their "Pumped Up Kicks" viral hit, the LA-based band went on a full rant when asked about Reebok pumps. "I just remember those things popping man. Like the second day you get 'em they would pop. You would like pump up it and think you're about to dunk and then you jump as high as you can, you land, and they just pop." 

The band also raved about autotune and added they think it's best when used as an instrument only. "The new Post Malone record. I mean obviously you know got 808s and Heartbreak and Kanye really took it there and all the T-Pain stuff," says one band member. "I think it's like if someone is like a decent signer and you put that on to make them sound like a better singer and you're trying to hide it, I hear it right away and it kind of drives me crazy."

Below, watch Detroit act Royce da 5'9" share his thoughts on the genre's current "mumble rap" and Twitter rants.