June 15, 2018


Jacquees Talks Artist Lookalikes, Having Kids & Yoga Pants

Last year Atlanta singer, songwriter and rapper, Jacquees climbed the charts with his breakout single "B.E.D." and has officially released his debut album 4275. Prior to its release, the R&B crooner sat with Fuse to share his thoughts on a range of topics including industry lookalikes and having kids in his twenties.

When asked about having kids, Mr. "Twenty-four With No Kids" confirms the line still applies, but wants children in the future. "I want to have kids in my twenties. I ain't got kids yet. Twenty-four no kids still, but I want to have some kids 'cause I want my kids to grow up with my nephew."

The Cash Money signee often finds himself being mistaken for artists like Lil Wayne and Quavo and tells Fuse he doesn't really care who people confuse him for. "It's kind of annoying only when people really know who you are and try to use that approach to get your attention." 

Watch the full Rant and Rave interview above where Jacquees also shares his love for jazz, meeting women at the club and breaking his nail biting habit. Below, watch "Playinwitme" rapper Kyle rant and rave about Fortnite, butt implants, Thanos and more: