June 11, 2018


Josie Dunne Recalls Meeting Kim Kardashian, Talks Amy Winehouse Influence

In our latest installment of First of All, rising singer-songwriter Josie Dunne stopped by Fuse to share many of her "firsts." From her first crush to meeting Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner—the Chicago native reveals indepth memories from her past. 

Fresh off of the release of her six-track debut EP, To Be the Little Fish, where she showcases an acoustic storytelling vibe—Dunne tells the story of the first time she was starstruck. During her seventh grade spring break in Los Angeles, Dunne surprisingly ran into the Kardashians at The Grove. 

"Somehow we got into like the VIP section of... Kim Kardashian was having like a premiere thing of her... she was doing a workout clothing line or something and this was a long time ago. I met like Kris Jenner and I met Kim and I met Caitlyn who was Bruce Jenner at the time and I was so starstruck 'cause I watched their show religiously," the 21-year-old adds before revealing a photo.

Watch the full interview above where Dunne also talks Amy Winehouse being her biggest influence and why Zac Efron was her first crush. Below, watch fellow labelmate Kiiara fangirl over Mariah Carey's Glitter album, praise Linkin Park and reminiscence on the moment Lil Wayne jumped on her breakthrough hit "Gold."