June 28, 2018


Salt-N-Pepa Sounds Off on Face Tattoos, Baby Hair And Twerking

In celebration of Hip-Hop’s 45th anniversary, Fuse caught up with the seasoned queens of Salt-N-Pepa to share their opinions on a few themed topics. Salt, Pepa and DJ Spinderella blessed us with a Hip-Hop at 45 edition of our Rant and Rave series.

When it came to the topic of face tattoos, the group stood divided. For Pepa, they are “self-expression…like music.” Salt on the other hand, took the maternal approach, expressing she would “have a heart attack” if any of her children came home with permanent face art.    

Despite staying divinely mum on topic of mumble rappers, the GRAMMY award-winning stars had much to say about twerking. Pepa, who is Jamaican, enthusiastically busted out her patois accent to “rave” for twerking—even giving us a small in-seat sample. Salt, however had some stern choice words for those who gain their followers from twerking. Watch it all go down above.   

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