June 5, 2018


Watch Zaytoven Whisper His Life Story Using ASMR

Producer and pianist Zaytoven recently stopped by the Fuse office to try his hand at ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), a growing trend of inducing relaxation by tapping into sounds and movements. Using a highly sensitive microphone, he whispered his way through a riveting ASMR storytime session about his career path.

Switching on a pair of clippers, Zaytoven explains that he was a barber in his early days. "A lot of my clients, they fall asleep 'cause they hear this buzzing sound. Now, I'm a big-time producer, so I can't cut hair anymore. They call me Zaytoven 'cause when I make my beats, I play the piano."

After regularly performing in church, Zaytoven eventually found himself making trap beats in Georgia. In honor of the "Peach State," he meticulously starts slicing a juicy peach, making sure we hear every detail.

Despite finding success producing for UsherNicki Minaj and Migos, the 38-year-old decided to drop his own solo album of hits. Whipping out a gift-wrapped copy of Trapholizay (out now!), he loudly unwraps the album before going into tour life (cue the crunchy Hot Cheetos) and his family (cue the squeaky baby toy and squishy Play-Doh).

Below, watch Zaytoven collaborator Lecrae discuss the impact of "I'll Find You," working with Tori Kelly, and the need for more positivity in art: