July 20, 2018


They. Explains Name Origin, Does Magic Backstage At Firefly Fest 2018

THEY. kicked it with Fuse at Firefly Festival 2018 this summer and agreed to partake in a trippy magic trick. Sitting down with magician Smoothini of Fuse's new series Hip-Hop Houdini, Drew Love and Dante Jones briefly discuss how they came up with the name THEY. 

"I think it just sticks out, it just stands out. It's memorable. It started off just as one of the names for our beats for one of our tracks," says producer Jones. "But then it just took on a whole new meaning once we decided to make it a name. It was just something that sticks out." 

Before Smoothini performed a trick, the R&B duo revealed how they met. Love, originally from Maryland, had one of his first sessions out in L.A. with Jones, who is originally from Colorado. "It was a natural click. It was like, 'oh I really mess with this dude.'"

Watch Smoothini attempt to read Jones' mind as he thinks of someone in his life he hasn't seen in a long time. Catch all-new episodes of Hip-Hop Houdini here and Tuesdays at 10PM only on Fuse. Find your channel finder here. 

Below, check out Smoothini also wow Lizzo with his magic while they chat about what’s next for her music and where her hometown love lies: