August 16, 2018


The SiAngie Twins Take A Lie Detector Test: Do They Talk Behind Each Other's Back?

To be only 17-years-old, The SiAngie Twins have already taken the internet by storm. The pop/ rap duo currently have over 1.9 million followers on Instagram, and over 350,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel where they post makeup tutorials, Q&A's, story times and music such as their top songs "Show Me" and "Savage". The twin sisters– who were featured on MTV's reboot of My Super Sweet 16– sat down with Fuse to take a lie detector test lead by each-other

The sisters, whose older brother is professional boxer, Danny Garcia, have been a hit since racking up major views on the popular app, Since 2014, the "Want Me Back" singers have been putting out singles such as "Ashame" and "Cardi". They have now released their debut EP "Innocent Savages" which features their hit "Sazón"–that already has over 1 million views on YouTube despite being released a month ago.

Watch the video above to see which of the Philly natives has a better fashion sense and if they have ever wanted to go solo.