Mýa Does The Very First Vegan ASMR

What can we say about the beautiful Mýa? The queen of throwback R&B/Hip-Hop, who dominated the late 90's/00's, by giving us hits like "My Love is Like...Wo," "Best of Me," "Girls Dem Sugar," and more recently "You Got Me" and "Damage" stopped by Fuse to give us the very first vegan ASMR. 

The Grammy Award-winning artist–who recently dropped her ninth studio album– gave food advice and tips throughout.

"You can boil them, they make great soup if you wanna put them in a NutriBullet. Lost of protein here. Lost of carbs, energy. Fiber. All that good stuff. And iron," she says. 

While she has been a vegan for more than three years, and considers herself "a new vegan," she has been in the music industry for more than 20 years.

TKO–the Lady Marmalade's ninth studio album– arrived one day prior of the 20th anniversary of her debut album, Mýa.  

After you're done watching the interview in full above and reconsidering Veganism, see if Mýa is touring in a city near you.