Quincy Does ASMR Talks Date Night Essentials And 'Snuggle Up'

Quincy Does ASMR Talks Date Night Essentials And 'Snuggle Up'

Looking to step it up on date night? Well, look no further, because "Snuggle Up" artist–Quincy–is here to give you all the things needed for a successful night with bae. The 27-year-old stopped by Fuse to talk date night essentials and music.

While the BadBoyRecords artist, has been busy traveling the world for fashion weeks and appearances, there's nothing like a snack, wine, and of course some Netflix and Chill.

"In order to Netflix and Chill... the whole snack must be present," the "Black Lingerie" artist says as he dives into a bowl of popcorn. Don't say Quincy never gave us anything.

Both Sean "Diddy" Combs– and his biological father–'90's R&B artist–Al B Sure birthed the New York native straight into the music game. Since his debut single, "Friends First" featuring French Montana in 2014 the singer has been non-stop releasing three projects in 2018 alone. 

After you're done massaging your mind and obtain all things needed to secure the bag for the perfect date night, make sure you watch his newly released "Snuggle Up" video which was solely shot on a Google Pixel.