September 4, 2018


Taylor Bennett and TBE Get Creative With Balloons and Paint While Doing ASMR

The 22-year-old is paving his own lane in the music game and stopped by Fuse with TBE to talk Chi-Raq, music, and more all while using their inside voices.

After the success of singles like “Only Difference” and “Broad Shoulders", the rapper dropped his six track EP, Be Yourself, which was released under his own record label, Tay Bennett Entertainment. Under TBE he has signed singer, songwriter and drummer, Bianca Shaw, and guitarist rockstar" Zxxk. Bennett is big on giving artists a chance, which is one of the reasons why he stays away from big record labels.

“I really respect the man for it,” Bennett’s first signee Bianca whispers.

Watch as the trio creates music, blows up balloons, and much more during this latest edition of Mind Massage.