September 18, 2018


Wilmer Valderrama Takes A Lie Detector Test: Would He Be A Bigger Star If He Was White?

Social activist, actor, and executive producer of The Hollywood Puppet ShowWilmer Valderrama gets his chance in the hot seat in this edition of The Lie Detector. With the series finale of the show just around the corner, Wilmer admits that there are some female puppets in the current season that he would date. 

"Absolutely, the answer is yes," the Miami-born actor confidently says. 

After an intense first round of questioning, Wilmer proudly represents his Venezuelan culture–before talking about his favorite dishes. 

"I like arepas better, although tequeños are like a sexier version of mozzarella sticks," Valderrama says.   

Watch the full clip above to see what the former That '70s Show actor does or doesn't do while in the shower and if he would be more successful if he was white. 

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