Madame Gandhi Does ASMR, Talks Daily Meditation and The Female Voice

Many are noting that 2018 has become the year of the female. With protests and movements across the world, women are dominating in all aspects internationally.  29-year-old recording artist and female activist, Madame Gandhi, uses her voice to both celebrate the female voice and inspire all. "The Future is Female" artist stopped by Fuse to talk her daily ritual and more!

Before becoming Madame Gandhi, the Boston native was a bad-ass drummer for "Bad Girls" artist M.I.A and rising R&B artist, Kehlani. Although she was once behind these big acts, the touring artist is now front and center. As touring and other artist obligations get hectic, she uses various meditation techniques to become the "best version of herself."

"When I travel, always want to start and end my day with a meditation with both of my feet firmly placed on the ground," the "Top Knot Turn Up" artist whispers. 

While the Harvard MBA Grad, got recognition as the free-bleeding runner at the 2015 London Marathon, her music, instruments, and mediation allows her to focus on her senses and and eliminate all negativity. 

"If you're grateful, you cannot have hatefulness in your heart," the "Yellow Sea" artist says. 

I didn't know I needed this type of zen and wisdom until I watched this. Be sure to watch the fill clip above and keep up with Madame Gandhi here