October 8, 2018


Phora Does ASMR, Talks "Love Is Hell", and Smashes Valentine Chocolates

LA-based rapper–Phora–is known for his raw and honest lyricism. The “Love Is Hell” artist has seen his fair share of turmoil, channeling experiences with depression, addiction, and violence into a profound body of work. His candid approach to some of life’s toughest challenges and his openness with his personal anxieties, vulnerabilities, and demons have earned him a loyal fanbase, but his talents don’t stop at music. 

Phora, a former graffiti and tattoo artist, also has his own successful apparel brand, Yours Truly Clothing. With the brand bringing in millions of dollars, it has made the 23-year-old a successful entrepreneur on top of all his other skills. 

The “To the Moon” rapper dropped by Fuse to try out some ASMR using fortune cookies and a box of chocolates among other things. 

“It reminds me of my heart and how it’s been ripped into a million pieces,” Phora says with a smile as he shreds a greeting card. 

Check out the vid to find out why Phora tore the card up, his real thoughts on boxed chocolate—and whether or not the rapper has met his lyrical match with a fortune cookie.