November 6, 2018


'Slide Into My DMs' with Elley Duhé

Singer-songwriter Elley Duhé’s is known for connecting with her fans through her near-otherworldly voice, so it’s probably no surprise that she has always believed in music as a spiritual experience. 

“The connection between music and our souls is very pure and it’s supposed to heal,” she tells us in our latest episode of Slide in my DMs. “I feel like I’ve kind of always known that and so I always try to create from that place.” 

Duhé first found success in 2016 with tracks like “Millennium” with Tarro and “Immortal,” but her real breakthrough came earlier this year when she teamed up with Zedd for the track “Happy Now.” It only seems natural that one of the most common DMs she gets is “Are you happy now?” 

Check out the full video to see if Duhé really is happy now and to hear about the weirdest perhaps fanfic-inspired DM she has received.