December 6, 2018


DaniLeigh Does ASMR, Talks Her New Album 'The Plan' & Collaborating With The Iconic Prince

When you think of ASMR, DaniLeigh might not be the first person you’d expect to see in front of the camera. The “Lil Bebe” singer, rapper, and of course dancer is bursting with energy, a contrast to the tranquil, low-energy videos. “I’m already a loud person, so whispering is weird,” she tells Fuse with a chuckle. But leave it to DaniLeigh to take it and run with the genre, yet another example of her versatility as an artist. 

In 2014, when she was just 18 years old, Prince (yes that Prince) reached out to her out of the blue to direct the music video for his song “Breakfast Can Wait.” The dancer had never directed a video before, but rose to the challenge, and the result was a fun, flirty, tightly-choreographed video that also featured DaniLeigh playing The Purple One himself.

For most people directing a video for Prince would be the peak of their career, but for DaniLeigh, it was just the beginning. 

“So now I’m a big part of all my videos, my own personal videos, and I direct most of them,” she told Fuse.

She has danced on stage and in videos for some of the biggest artists out there, and last year she signed to Def Jam records. This year the star went viral with her “In My Feelings” Challenge submission and dropped her debut album The Plan, to positive reviews that lauded her eclectic sound as well as the confidence she brings to the record. Watch her bring that same energy to Mind Massage, making ASMR magic with toast, some soda, and her phone.