December 5, 2018


Jake Miller Talks His Spiciest DMs

Jake Miller is the definition of a self-made act. The “Can’t Help Myself” singer first broke into the music scene after winning the “Kick It With the Band” talent competition sponsored by Samsung and T-Mobile back in 2011 at the age of 18. The rapper/singer went on to open for the likes of Mac Miller and Snoop Dogg and even signed with Warner Bros. Records. 

Last year Miller parted ways with the label, allowing his independent flair to flourish. He taught himself to play the piano and produce his own beats, creating tracks in his own bedroom studio. And his hard work is paying off. Earlier this year, he dropped Silver Lining, a grounded and heartfelt synth-laden album and just a couple weeks ago he released his latest single “Wait For You.”

Maybe it’s the fact that Miller is so willing to take a chance on himself (and succeed) that leads people to fill his DMs with some strange requests. The “Girl That’s Underneath” singer let us into his inbox for the latest episode of Slide In My DMs and read some of his most memorable messages he’s received, including a opportunity involving an Air Jordans-related fetish. 

“This is definitely not the first time I’ve gotten offered to do something for money,” Miller told us. “But this is one of the weirdest ones.”

Check out the video to watch the whole thing and to see what kinds of messages keeps him going. After you're done peeking through "J-Daddy's" DMs make sure you check out his new single "Wait For You."