Armin van Buuren Does ASMR With Sparklers and Vinyl Records & Gives Festival Advice

From Ultra Miami to Electric Daisy Carnival to Tomorrowland, Armin van Buuren has done it all. With an over 20-year EDM career, his weekly two hour podcast "A State of Trance,” and a schedule of over 150 shows a year at leading festivals, the Dutch DJ’s resume is brimming, but we might have found one more thing to add: ASMR genius. 

Of course being an international DJ can seem hectic and intense with 3 hour sets and having to feel out a crowd of over 175,000 people; however, the "Turn It Up" DJ always brings it back to the music.

"Music brings color to life. Have you ever been to a wedding without music?" When you stop and think about it music and sound is everywhere, from the busy New York streets to your zen garden, something so simple such as sound affects and reflects our attitude, mood, and more! 

For DJs and producers, sound is everything. One wrong sound can fu-k up an entire song. For van Buuren, sampling unusual sounds is something he incorporates into his music. 

"I'm always looking for sounds, samples," he told Fuse. "In my tracks, I use a lot of weird sounds. The ceiling of my studio has a panel that comes loose and it's actually in one of my tracks." 

After you're done massaging your mind with this video make sure you check out Armin’s new song with Garibay “Phone Down” which is available now. Also be sure to see if you can catch the DJ at one of his sets across the world.