April 11, 2018


Wale and Lio Rush Do ASMR With Taco Shells and Play-Doh, and Talk Walemania

Have you ever wanted to see Wale and Lio Rush whisper into a microphone and explore the large world of ASMR? Well here's your chance. The Grammy nominated rapper and WWE wrestler came through Fuse with one of the wildest editions of Mind Massage we've seen this far! 

Straight from the beginning, Lio Rush lets it be known not to underestimate him just based off his size. The Washington D.C native sits right below 5'6 and is about 165 pounds. You think you can take him? Think again! The 24-year-old is a well decorated athlete, including a two time CZW Wired Champion.

"All these people that think they can step to the man of the hour, Lio Rush, this is what happens," the two-time CZW Wired Champion says as he crushes a taco shell. Basically, don't fu-k with him. 

So why is Lio Rush here with Wale..? Because WALEMANIA of course! The "My Love" artist hosts a night bringing together pro wrestling and hip-hop culture to kick off the biggest weekend of the year in professional wrestling. 

"Those guys [wrestlers] work 200 days a year, and that's kind of insane when you think about it, so I wanted to make an event where they didn't lose their marbles," platinum recording artist Wale says while chucking marbles behind him. 

Did we mention that Walemania was lit? From the surprise guest and performances to the Nipsey Hussle tribute we couldn't ask for a better night. Head to our IG Highlights to see all of our Walemania coverage and be sure to watch the full clip above to see the pair sound off while playing with Play-Doh and an insane ending.