May 6, 2019


Jack & Jack Do ASMR with Friendship Bracelets, Talk 'A Good Friend Is Nice' Process and Tour Life

Omaha, Nebraska, natives Jack and Jack have come a long way since the release of their first single "Wild Life" back in 2014. Not only were they one of the early breakout music groups to get noticed on Vine, but they just wrapped up their successful Good Friends are Nice Tour. Since you all loved their Lie Detector so much, we decided to switch it up and have the "No One Compares To You" artists whisper their life away in our Mind Massage series. 

From childhood best-friends to internet celebrities to now covering magazines and performing on late night talk shows, the two continue to be the definition of friendship, hard work, and dedication.  

"We were in the same kindergarten class...and we had the same name and just hit it off," the "Day Dreaming" artists whisper while creating friendship necklaces. 

The two, who have over 10 million followers on Instagram, have grown and matured a lot since their debut single "Distance". While they have always had a song writing process, they now come into each song outlining various personal experiences including relationships, sensibility and consciousness. 

"One of our personal favorite songs on this project is definitely "April Gloom", they tell Fuse prior to using our "Spray Jawn". "It has a very melancholy kind of vibe and it's very reminiscing about life and sometimes you don't know when better days are coming." 

Did Jack and Jack massage your mind? Continue to watch the full video above as the 22-year-olds snack on the infamous NYC pizza, and be sure to listen close as they give an inside of what they do during tour, which includes 'Game of Thrones'. Check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel