June 19, 2019


blackbear Does ASMR with Candy and Paint, Talks "PINK ROLEX" and Relationship Advice

If there was ever an artist who embodies being “one of a kind,” it would be blackbear. We checked: there is truly no one like him. The Florida native singer-songwriter boasts an incredibly prolific career, having worked with the biggest names in music across genres. Pharrell, Justin BieberChildish GambinoBillie Eilish, Gucci Mane, Ne-Yo, Linkin ParkMiley Cyrus, and many more have one thing in common, and it’s blackbear. 

These folks obviously work with the “HATE MY GUTS” artists for a reason. blackbear may be high-energy and hilarious as we saw last year in our "Soundcheck to Stage," but his music is rife with a signature vulnerability and raw honesty, rooted in heartbreak, loss, and a brush with death. He has a unique way of delving into life’s darker aspects and creating bangers that are also deep and extremely relatable. (We’re talking voice-of-a-generation-level relatable.) Given everything he’s been through, it makes sense that he might have some decent relationship advice, as he demonstrated in the latest episode of Mind Massage. 

“When somebody puts more into a relationship than the other person, it kind of tips the other way…[in] the other person’s favor,” blackbear said as he balanced out scales with candy in the latest edition of our ASMR series. “You want to make sure in a relationship you give 100%.”

Watch the full video for more wise words, to see blackbear make some ASMR magic with paints, a notebook, and more and to hear about blackbear's artistic process, which involves Maroon 5 and leggings? Check out our other recent Mind Massages and let us know who you want next on our YouTube channel